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Welcome! Founded in 1989, the Nicholson Heritage Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical preservation of Nicholson, Pennsylvania, a small rural town nestled in Wyoming County and Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains, and the surrounding region. The current officers of the Association are:

Marion Sweet, Chair
Craig Smith, Vice Chair
Richard Lochen, Jr, Treasurer
Joan Irion Jenkins, Secretary
Tim Hortman, Director
Stephen Peterson, Director
Robert Gritman, Director
Richard Huffsmith, Counsel

On this Veterans Day, we remember those veterans who served our country. We wanted to share the diary entry of Mary McIntyre who was 18 when she wrote her entry on the actual Armistice Day in 1918. Mary was born in 1899 and lived on State Street in Nicholson in a house two lots up from Harding Avenue that burned down at some point. She passed away in 1997 and is buried in the Nicholson Cemetery. The diary now belongs to George and Kelly Barbolish, with Barbara Steele transcribing the entry for us. Thank you for sharing with us! Read below to get a peak how our community celebrated the end of World War I.

November 11th 1918

About six o’clock this morning I was awakened (by) our church  bells ringing.  I knew right away that the Armistice had been signed by the Germans.  About ten or fifteen minutes later the Presbyterian bell began to ring, and a little later the Catholic bell.  Then the knife factory whistle blew.  And as soon as Baileys could get the whistle at the slat factory fixed they blew that for ten minutes every other ten minutes all morning.  Real early in the morning Guy Bailey took Maude Brockley, Dudley Snyder and Floyd in the auto truck and went up and down Main and State Streets with a couple milk cans rattling along behind.  During the day more and more of the autos came out with flags or buntings on.  And one or two had the flags of all our “allies” with a large American flag on.  In the evening there was a parade formed over town and we marched up the Main Street then turned down again and went up State Street as far as the trolley tracks there we turned and went over to the ball ground where there was a big bonfire.  And they sang the “Star Spangled Banner.”  Everybody had something to make noise with.

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Time to kick off the holiday season! This was one of our favorite flights as the the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train crossed the Nicholson Bridge last year. It's sad the the train wont be back in the area this year but at least we have this magical memory! Feel free to share this remix of last years video! Merry Christmas!