Besides photos and souvenirs at local Nicholson merchants, the Nicholson Heritage Association has the following items available to purchase directly.  Prices are below each item and include shipping and handling.  You can purchase by PayPal (see PayPal Button in right column/down below, depending on what device you are viewing this page), otherwise checks can be made out to the Nicholson Heritage Association (please specify specific souvenir/s) and mail to us at:

Nicholson Heritage Association
P.O. Box 496
Nicholson, PA  18446

Nicholson, The First Two Hundred Years

$20/includes shipping & handling


Nicholson, First Station on the Lackawanna Railroad
$20/includes shipping & handling


The Bridge Was Built

$7.50/includes shipping & handling


1915 Views of the Bridge - 2011 Reproduction
$10/includes shipping & handling


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